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Does the elderly rely on Hong X Liquor to get solace?

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I hesitated for a long time
Can you write this article
After all, not everyone can afford to "inter-provincial arrest."
If it is not the national drug administration bureau
If it is not Dr. Tan who is released on bail
I probably still did not dare to write this article.

However, we do not say Hong X Liquor this time.
We care about the elderly

Why are the health care products for the elderly in recent years frequently active?
In fact, the answer is very clear
It is the physical needs and psychological needs of the elderly

In Shandong, where traditional culture is relatively strong
Advertising especially like to play "filial piety card"
Mr. Qiu of a channel advertising department in Shandong
Has ever advertised Hong X Liquor
In an interview with a certain media
Mr. Qiu said
“The trend of aging in modern society is serious and young people are busy with their work.
The rhythm of life is too fast and I have increasingly neglected my concern for my parents.
This is exactly a cut-in point for the advertisement of the Hongmao liquor. ”

This operation, only Hong X Liquor it?
Far more than
I want to care about these years:
How old is the old man who drinks Hong X Liquor?
How about the old man who dipped XX Aisi?
How old is the man who has eaten Cao Xhua capsule?
Even there are many three-nothing products flooding the market

Many elderly people
Will buy a bunch of health products "defense" and "anti-heart"
Can old people only be comforted with so-called "health products"?
What about their children?
Isn’t it busy to even have a phone call to say hello to your parents?
Isn't it time to take home an empty meal?

Write here
I can't stop
Because this is my self-questioning
My parents have been white
Today, I should call home...

The tree wants to keep quiet and the wind is going
Parents need love
Don't wait for them to go away before you regret

Speaking here
Xiao Bian thinks of it, in fact, cars also need care.
Because the car is more than just a means of transport
Also placed a lot of our good yearning:
Work, Face, Self Drive, Family
We should not wait until the car is broken
Only regret not to maintain the car

Bad car first bad
The car is the most vulnerable to injury is the chassis
Muddy, rain, sand, etc.
Are eroding car chassis step by step

It's best to do things before they happen
In order to better car care
Do not let the chassis get hurt
Not to hurt the engine
It is very necessary for the car to be fitted with a protective cover

Do not allow parents to rely on "health products" for a sense of security
Do not let the car rely on repairs and exchanges to extend the life
Caring for parents, giving parents a call
Love the car engine and give the engine a protective cover
Can we act together?