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What are the details that make beauty fall in love with your car?

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A truly senior old driver must have been on the road for many years. Familiar with each place of his car, skilled master of a lot of driving skills, from time to time may also be a handful, cool.

In fact, many drivers pay more attention to the exterior and configuration of the car, and often discuss the performance and cost performance of a certain car. However, have you ever thought that according to the woman's thinking, she will only see your car look good or not! Only care about the direct feeling of getting in the car! (And you are not handsome.)

Almost rarely hear old drivers care about passenger comfort. Maybe this problem will only be considered when you just bought a new car, but that's it. Are you willing to let the beauty wear out in your car?
Here's a big move for you! Let beauty do not want to get off!

1, the car must be clean and tidy! If not, you are ready to take a break from the beauties. Oh no, beautiful women will not be on your car (bye bye-bye)

2, fragrance! Which beauty does not like fragrance? No! To a little elegant fragrance, can make beautiful women feel good!

3, paper towels! Car must put tissue in the car! It is best to prepare a pack of wipes. Wipe your hands, wipe your lipstick, wipe your sweat, and beauty doesn't live without a tissue! All warm men are able to prepare beautiful towels for beauty.

4, prepare water. Water is the source of life, and water is the most effective tool for girls' beauty and beauty. Preparing a bottle of water in the car will make girls feel that you are very caring.

5, the most critical point, more concerned about the beauty's feet. The old driver will notice that beautiful women love to wear high heels, with the more fine the more beautiful. The old driver will prepare intimate gifts for beautiful women who love to wear high heels - rest pedals. With a resting pedal, the sense of pressure and squeezing in the high heels all disappeared! Restoring beauty is a pair of small and exquisite ankles!

Follow it, and the goodness of beautiful women to you is doubled! Never worry about beauty is not on the car!