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clothes! Traffic jams have such operations

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On the May 1st return trip, I was stuck on the road and there was a beauty next to me laughing for half an hour - well, she was in the advertising on the roadside.

Both drivers and passengers feel uneasy and fatigued due to traffic jams. For passengers, should traffic jams for a long time be lying or sitting? Sitting for a long time will be paralyzed.

So I just experienced a traffic jam and I have a lot of feelings:
Man's life has a variety of pain
Some pain I can change, some pain I can escape, some pain I can bear
Only the pain of the traffic jam made it unbearable to me
Because I can't change, I can't escape, I can't afford it.
(It seems very reasonable)

but! ! ! I have God's operation can make traffic jams do not block! Whether it is the holiday peak or the rush hour, it is no longer afraid of traffic jams!

Part1. For the driver

· Maintain a good attitude
Drivers should adjust their feelings of irritability and relax by listening to music or broadcasting. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to traffic information released by the traffic station at any time.

·Appropriately brake
In the traffic jam section to maintain a steady speed, and ready to brake, but the right foot should not be placed on the brake pedal for a long time or frequently.

· Try not to turn off as much as possible
In order to save the fuel the driver may directly shut down the engine waiting, which easily leads to secondary brake failure. Because the brake system is assisted by the negative pressure generated during the operation of the engine, when the engine is not started, the residual negative pressure will be used up once, only to provide a braking opportunity.

· Learn to cleverly follow the car
When traffic jams, try to stagger the left side of the vehicle in front as much as possible, and you can see the vehicle in front of the vehicle. This will leave enough time for the brakes and start-up. At the same time, to maintain proper (two meters or so) car distance, do not leave a large gap for other vehicles have opportunities, but also try not to change lines, in order to ensure a certain degree of traffic safety.

· Close the side window to open the skylight or inner circulation
When there are too many vehicles in a traffic jam, a large amount of vehicle exhaust will enter the vehicle through the windows, causing people to feel dizziness, chest tightness and other symptoms. Therefore, the driver should close the side windows and open the sunroof to prevent the exhaust gas from entering the vehicle. At the same time, internal and external circulation should be used alternately to keep the air in the vehicle fresh.

Part2. For passengers:

Don't be negative energy
When a traffic jam occurs, everyone's feelings will not be too good. If there is still a car in the car waiting for traffic jams, or driving skills of Tucao drivers, it will only increase the driver’s stress and make the driver feel more emotional. Irritability, even lead to road rage. You can choose some easy topics or listen to music to ease your mood.

· Choose carpool before you travel
One of the main reasons for urban traffic congestion is that many people drive by car, and a single person is intangibly consuming a limited road capacity. If you do not have to take a car alone, it is advisable that you share your car with other people while you travel and make maximum use of the road capacity to reduce traffic congestion.

· Prepare to rest pedal
This is especially suitable for occupants. When a traffic jam occurs, the occupant may wish to use a traffic jam as a break. Using the rest pedal can relieve leg problems such as numbness in the legs and high stretch of the soles and toes when wearing high heels.

Of course, this is just a little recommendation of Xiaobian. When the next holiday comes, please let your riders plan ahead. The most important thing is not to be Lu Nu people.