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Century puzzles | Why is it so hard to have a lunch break in the office?

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After working hard for one morning, I finally had a rest after dinner. I would like to take a rest at noon and take a rest. Taking a nap is one of the important ways of daily physical rehabilitation and has an irreplaceable role. A proper nap can not only eliminate sleepiness, but also help regulate mood and prevent diseases. For office workers, the lunch break can also improve work efficiency.

However, for the office family, the lunch break is to take a rest on the table. All kinds of uncomfortable feelings after waking up can cause you to feel numbness in your arms, uncomfortable cervical spine, pain in your neck, and even blurred vision. When the person's head is often on one side, or is over-rotated, it can easily lead to injury of one side of the pterygoid ligament and dystonia of the flank ligaments on both sides. There is also a sense of discomfort in the legs.

Wanting a comfortable lunch break is almost the dream of all office workers. Does the dream still have to be realized if it can be achieved? Xiao Bian has a few small ways to ease the above discomfort, and can even comfortably take a frank lunch break in the office. I wonder if you would rather try?

Lunch break duration control

20 minutes: Ideal for recovering alertness and energy. This length of nap is limited to very shallow non-rapid eye movement sleep (BREM), so you can immediately start working after you wake up. Very recommended lunch break.

30 minutes: This length of nap, physical function can be effectively restored. However, it may lead to "sleepiness" after waking up: a state similar to drunkenness. The energy recovery effect brought by sleep itself will also lag behind. Those with enough time can try it.

60 minutes: This length of nap can enable the body to reach the deepest slow wave sleep, which is conducive to improving the reportable memory (such as: name, text). The negative effect is that there is also a phenomenon of sleepiness. Those with enough time can try it.
90 minutes: Do not say, is there a 90-minute lunch break for working dogs?

Lunch Break List

U-shaped pillows and pillows
Place the U-shaped pillow on the neck and the pillow on the back so that you can relax your eyes and cervical spine.

Small blankets
In the winter, I stayed at the table for a morning break, covered with a small blanket and warmed up!

Ice pad
Summer must-haves! Whether it is used as a seat cushion, or as a pillow or ice mattress to sleep on the table, it will be cool!

Rest pedal
This wall cracking recommended! Whether it is in the car or in the office, whether it is a lunch break or work, you can use it!
Here is the personal experience of the tragic Xiao Bian.
Look at my desk and chair, did you find it? Empty, no! Have! Land! square! put! foot!

Can't you always keep your legs in one position? Stretching your legs will kick you in to the opposite boss. Especially after the lunch break, the legs will be very uncomfortable and even numb. Staying in the same posture for a long time will lead to blood circulation, and the mental state will not be good. It may even affect the health of the lumbar spine of the Pan-Bone Society for a long time! At this time, Li Pan's universal rest pedal is very much needed.

Li Panther universal can be used not only in the car, but also in the office. There is media to Li Panbao's rest pedal to do the evaluation. The actual test proves that the Li Pan's rest pedal can effectively relieve leg and foot discomfort. Whether it is wearing sports shoes or high heels, no problem! The use of aluminum alloy + PU plastic, very non-slip!

I really hope that the boss will be more compassionate and give us a leopard rest pedal.