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Cars, starting from the bottom - Libao engine protection plate evaluation

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"Bad cars first rot," chassis often contact with sewage, sand and other substances, and the chemical composition of these substances will slowly corrode the chassis and the parts on the chassis, so the car is the most likely to be bad is the chassis. Using the fineness of the vehicle, looking at the chassis is one of the most intuitive signs.

Like this chassis, it is not well protected

The engine can be said to be the heart of the car. Protecting the car's "heart" should add a "vest" to the "heart" - the lower guard, which is common sense. However, I believe many owners may have doubts about the lower guard or do not know how to choose.

Today, we chose to use the “Leopard under the shield” to give everyone a small evaluation, so that everyone at a glance at the next guard. As for why we choose Li Panther, you can find the answer in the article.

Our test car is Honda 2015 Fit


This car has been used for 2-3 years and has been installed for about 2 months.

As we removed the lower guard plate, we can see that the engine is still clean. Obviously, there is no engine under the cover, the entire engine is exposed.

I will conduct our experiment below.

Part 1: Look

In terms of materials, Li Pan chose aluminum alloys and manganese steels. We use aluminum alloys for evaluation today.

Under the guard plate thickness of about 1.5 mm, forming a neat, indentation smooth and wrinkle-free. The surface is coated with special synthetic resin for metal spraying, it is not easy to fall off, and it is rust-proof and oxidation-proof. Front and rear inlet and outlet air outlets are well-designed, easy to dissipate heat, retain water outlets, and do not store water.

Fine workmanship, perfect lines, every single screw is ingenious.


Fine work, hole with rubber ring, can prevent abnormal sound.

Part 2: Step on

Tester: 80kg greasy uncle

After our tester stepped on it, the lower guard plate of the aluminum alloy was pressed down. It shows that the material of aluminum alloy is relatively soft, and it does not affect the sinking of the engine when the car collides.

Part 3: Loading

Just one word! fast! Easy to install, 4 minutes before and after installation.

The hole position is accurate and the fit is high.

After installing the guard plate, the engine is protected by a 3D guard plate.

Part 4: Listen

As I said before, holes with aprons can prevent abnormal noise. After the installation is completed, the vehicle is pulled up at high speed. Experiments have proved that there is no abnormal noise.

to sum up:
Li Bao under the cover plate with high precision, high fit, not easy to corrode, effectively protect the "car heart." In terms of material selection, aluminum alloy is lightweight, not easily corrosive, and has strong cushioning, but the price is relatively expensive. Manganese steel has strong resistance, and its price is lower than that of aluminum alloy, but it is heavier. The owner can choose according to his own needs.